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Insure your goods!


If your goods are worth storing then they are worth insuring!

We strongly believe that if your valuables are worth storing, they are worth insuring. That's why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage through 

To get started with your online policy, you can obtain a quote by clicking the linkbelow, with rates beginning as low as £1.78 per week. (Please note that the the minimum insurance level is £2,000 of cover per week, with a minimum term of 28 days.  Protect your stored items with the peace of mind that insurance can provide.

Click below to obtain a free online quote to insure your goods whilst in storage...

What's Covered?

Our recommended insurance provider offers coverage for the following:

You are insured against the physical loss of or damage to the Property Covered. This coverage includes losses arising from fire and a range of additional perils occurring during the Period of Insurance as specified in your Confirmation of Insurance. The additional perils covered include:

        - Explosion

        - Lightning

        - Aircraft damage

        - Earthquake

        - Riot

        - Civil commotion

        - Storm

        - Flood

        - Burst pipes

        - Impact by road vehicles

        - Sprinkler leakage

        - Malicious damage

        - Theft, provided that entry or exit was achieved by forcible and violent means

        - Damage caused by moths, insects, or vermin from a source external to the Property Covered.

This comprehensive coverage is designed to protect your stored items from a wide range of risks and potential damages, ensuring that your belongings are safeguarded.

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