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Insure your goods!


If your goods are worth storing then they are worth insuring!


Our comprehensive insurance is provided through NSIP ( National Storage Insurance Provider) 

Get a quote below to start your online policy today from as little as £2.60 per week!

(£1.30 per £1000 of cover per week - minimum cover level of £2000 applies.)

What's Covered?

The benefits of using our recommended insurance provider are:


You are covered for physical loss of or damage to the Property Covered arising from fire (and/or the additional perils listed below) occurring during the Period of Insurance shown in the Confirmation of Insurance. The additional perils covered are explosion, lightning, aircraft, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, storm, flood, burst pipes, impact by road vehicles, sprinkler leakage, malicious damage, theft where entry or exit was effected by forcible and violent means and moth, insect or vermin from a source outside of the Property Covered.

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